Hong Kong’s first operator supports “Cross-network Roaming”* in popular travel destinations
Hong Kong's first telecoms service brand supports cross-network roaming in Mainland China
GETAWAY Travel Service
Roam-in-Command, 1 Pass travels the world
Less than 7 days
Asia Pacific
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Mainland China & Macau Travelers

Mainland China & Macau 3-Day Pass
Perfect for short trips
Freely use travel data and voice calls
$138/3 DAYS
Mainland China & Macau Travel Data Pass Package
A must-have for frequent travellers to
mainland China and Macau
Freely use travel data and voice calls
From $98/month
Upgraded Mainland China & HK 1-Card-2-Number
Stay connected between Mainland China and Hong Kong with just one SIM
Mainland China Number Service
Convenient cross border travel and connect living cycle

Leisure Travelers

Cross-regional travel data in 100+ destinations
7-DAY Pass From$98
Data Roaming Daily Pass
Ideal choice for heavy data users
RoamLite Pass
Perfect for light data users

Frequent Travelers

GETAWAY Travel Service
Enjoy 80 passes of travel data in 2 years
From $78/month
GETAWAY Deluxe Service
Year round travel data
4.5G SIM HK-UK Sharing Monthly Plan
Data and voice minutes shared in
Hong Kong and United Kingdom
With UK local mobile service for free
$148/month up
Full Roaming and IDD service will be automatically activated or restored (applicable to those subscribers who had previously opted out of such function) upon subscription of the above services. Upon expiry of the above services, the full roaming and IDD function and day passes (where applicable) will remain active until customer unsubscribes or deactivates such services. To opt out of the aforesaid services, please contact your dedicated Personal Executive.
When customers without a data roaming plan subscription use travel data, they will be charged according to Data Roaming Daily Charge Cap Service. This service incurs a daily charge regardless of the amount of data consumed during travel. Please click here for service details. Please click here for coverage details.

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