5G broadband


Fibre broadband

  • The coverage for fibre broadband service spreads across Hong Kong, allowing you to enjoy 1000Mbps ultra-fast and stable internet at home
  • Subscribe to the fibre broadband service and 5G mobile SIM plan to enjoy extensive network coverage and additional monthly fee rebate
Enjoy extensive coverage anytime anywhere
Required prepayment of HK$200, monthly rebate of $50 for the 1st to 4th month

Home broadband
1000M fibre broadband


Mobile data
5G mobile SIM

Port-in privilege
Monthly rebates
up to $720*
Please contact iSUPREME Digital Ambassador for service application or enquires
Please contact iSUPREME Digital Ambassador for service application or enquires

Prestige services

365-day deferred activation commitment
Even if you currently have an existing contract, you can install first, and activate the service later. Secure your benefits by reserving our services in advance.
14-day cooling-off period
Upon signing up for designated plan, you are entitled to a generous 14-day cooling-off period. This ensures a complete safeguarding of your rights and interests, allowing you to make an informed decision.

*Customer is required to subscribe to a 5G SIM monthly plan and 1000M fiber broadband at the same time. The offer is applicable only to specified residential addresses. The $720 monthly fee rebate will be credited to customer's billing account ($30 per billing month) by instalments during contract period (24 months).
^The limited-time offer is valid until further notice.


1. What are the basic computer system requirements for using broadband services?
2. How long does it take to schedule an on-site installation appointment?
3. Can broadband services be relocated to another address?
4. Can I request on-site repair service?
5. Do I need to return the broadband network equipment?
6. Is there a cooling-off period?
7. Can I choose the installation date and service start date myself?
8. What should I do if I cannot connect to the Internet?
9. How should I handle internet disconnection issues?
10. Do I need to set an IP address, DNS or Proxy server?
11. How can I check if the "pop-up blocker" is enabled in my browser?
12. Do I need to provide my own cable modem?
13. Do I need to provide my own Ethernet network card (LAN Card) or USB Ethernet interface card?
14. What factors can cause slow internet speed?

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