Over $3 billion inverstment in establishing the new era of 5G network. Over $3 billion inverstment in establishing the new era of 5G network.

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Since 2019, Hutchison Telecommunications has invested more than HK$3 billion in mobile network expansion and 5G network development. Soon after the launch of 5G services, the network has attained 99% coverage. With worldwide operations in 12 markets, Hutchison Telecommunications is the true global network that you can rely on.

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It is never easy to build the most reliable network. A big applause to the committed engineering team who has been working tirelessly day and night, braving the burning sun and lashing rains, to ensure that the network is always at its best performance. As the first mobile operator with over 1,000 golden spectrum band base stations, Hutchison Telecommunications was ranked No.1 locally and No.4 globally by a renowned international organization in 2021 for the best 5G connectivity*.

What’s more, Hutchison Telecommunications is the first telecom operator to activate the base stations of 700MHz band spectrum, offering extensive coverage with ultra-strong penetration.
*Source: ePrice article published on Sep 28, 2021. Details: https://www.eprice.com.hk/mobile/talk/3146/218826/1/

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