【SUPREME】Hong Kong’s first telecoms service brand to support cross-network roaming in mainland China#

SUPREME is dedicated to equipping our customers with the most reliable and the best 5G network. Our 5G roaming coverage is the best in Hong Kong and reaches many countries and regions spanning the globe*. In addition, SUPREME is the first Hong Kong telecommunications company with the provision to connect to the entire network in Mainland China^, and we have become the only platform connecting the three major roaming operators in Mainland China, to provide seamless roaming services to our customers upon arrival.

With SUPREME, customers will enjoy the advantages of accessing the three operators so if one network is limited, you can immediately switch to another network wherever you are, and hence stay connected always to the world anytime and anywhere!

The three major roaming operators in Mainland China are (in alphabetical order):

  • China Mobile
  • China Telecommunications Corporation
  • China Unicom

Please subscribe to the following plans or contact your Personal Executive to learn more.
5G Greater Bay Monthly Plan
Data shared in Mainland China, HK &
Macau with one monthly plan
GETAWAY Travel Service
Enjoy 80 passes of travel data in 2 years
GETAWAY Deluxe Service
Year round travel data
Mainland China & Macau 3-Day Pass
Available in Mainland China and Macau
Freely use travel data and voice calls
Limited offer: $138 $108/3 DAYS
One Pass keeps you connected in over 100 tourist cities across regions 7-DAY Pass
From $98
RoamLite Pass
Share the fun of the journey with family, no need to worry about bill shock
Data Roaming Daily Pass
One daily charge while travelling in Mainland China and Macau or in Euro Zone on the same day
#Currently, China Broadnet is not providing any inbound roaming service.
*The data was retrieved from the official websites of local mobile operators. As of 30 June 2023, SUPREME’s 5G data roaming coverage covers a total of 98 countries/destinations. Please visit https://www.supreme.vip/home/roaming/coverage/index.html for details. Terms and conditions apply.
^The information was retrieved from the official websites of local mobile operators as of 30 June 2023.