1-touch to activate, forget about swapping sim upon arrival.

  • Cross-network roaming in Mainland China*
    • As the first telecoms service brand in Hong Kong to support full roaming network coverage in Mainland China, we offer lightning-fast cross-network roaming and expanded connectivity.
    • One SIM card connects to the three major roaming telecom network providers, customers can switch to whichever network they prefer and cross geographical boundaries with ease
  • One Pass to keep you connected across destinations
  • Just activate service once and it will be available for your trip
  • Use travel data freely at a fixed charge
  • Also suitable for long trip, 7-Day Pass will continue automatically as long as there is data usage
  • Enjoy 5G high speed data roaming overseas**
7-Day Pass

Asia Pacific 
Europe, Americas 
and Middle East 

Activate Now

Dial shortcode to activate
or Dial shortcode to activate
5G: 5G roaming service countries/regions
Asia Pacific
Australia 5G
Indonesia 5G
Japan 5G
Kazakhstan 5G
Mainland China 5G
Malaysia 5G
New Zealand 5G
Philippines 5G
Singapore 5G
South Korea 5G
Sri Lanka
Taiwan 5G
Thailand 5G
Vietnam 5G
Austria 5G
Belgium 5G
Bulgaria 5G
Croatia 5G
Denmark 5G
Estonia 5G
Finland 5G
France 5G
Germany 5G
Hungary 5G
Ireland 5G
Italy 5G
Netherlands 5G
Norway 5G
Portugal 5G
Spain 5G
Sweden 5G
Switzerland 5G
UK# 5G
Canada 5G
Mexico 5G
Middle East
Israel 5G
Saudi Arabia 5G
Turkey 5G
U.A.E. 5G
#Includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland only
*Includes the continental United States and Hawaii only
How do I activate service?
Dial shortcode *138*1# with your handset to activate Roam-in-Command.
How to count the valid period and service charge of the 7-Day Pass?
Day count starts upon first use of travel data and consider as first day. Service is available until 23:59 Hong Kong time on 7th day. Service charge depends on first use of travel data at the designated destinations. Another service charge will be charged automatically when travel data usage has occurred after valid period and according to the destination for the travel data usage. For example:

How to count the service fee if I am travelling across destinations during the valid period of the 7-Day Pass?
Service charge will be charged according to the destination for the first travel data usage. Service is available until 23:59 Hong Kong time on 7th day. No extra service fee will be charged if you travel to other designated destinations during the valid period of the 7-Day Pass.

For example:
The first travel data usage occurs in Japan and travel to Europe on 4th day. Service charge is $98 for 7 days. Service charge $148 will be charged when travel data usage has occurred in Europe after valid period.

Is there any warm reminder for this service?
Different types of SMS reminder will be sent to you, for :
  1. Confirmation upon service activation
  2. The valid period when start using travel data
  3. Before the expiry of 7 days validity
Can I share my data by tethering?
Yes! No more hassle of picking up and returning the rental Wi-Fi modem, or adding extra weight to your luggage. Simply share data by tethering with your other mobile devices.
Is 4G LTE supported by Roam-in-Command?
4G LTE service is available to SUPREME 4G LTE customers using compatible 4G devices while there are SUPREME supported 4G network in the destination.
* Subject to coverage of the destination.
What to do if I would like to know more about the service?
You may contact us via SUPREME Hotline 3166-8866 or contact your dedicated Personal Executive.
*Currently, China Broadnet is not providing any inbound roaming service.
** 5G roaming service is only applicable to 5G service plan customers - using 5G roaming compatible mobile phone and iOS/Android version - in designated destinations and networks.
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