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Remote consultation session with a General Medical Practitioner
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Two Types of Services

Individual VAS Individual Annual Pass
$59/month $828/year
24-month contract 1-year contract
One BowtieGo VDoctor+ membership account One BowtieGo VDoctor+ membership account
Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

Service Details

Telemedicine Service:
  • The Service entitles customer to use the Telemedicine Service in accordance with the instructions of MyDoc shown in the Bowtie customer portal within the relevant Service contract period for unlimited number of times (free the charges of consultation and medicine).
  • Includes basic 2-day basic medication^, delivery and sick leave certificate (if applicable).
^The actual medication is prescribed depending on the customer needs.

Telemedicine Service – Service Procedures

1. Login to
2. Select "Telemedicine Service" under Health Service
3. Redirect to MyDoc web app
4. Follow the instructions to start remote consultation with doctor
5. The prescribed medicine, receipt and referral letter (if applicable) will be sent to your registered delivery address by courier within 4 hours of the end of the teleconsultation
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How to apply and activate BowtieGo VDoctor+ Membership Plan

If you are an existing SUPREME customer, you can visit any one of our SUPREME Shops or contact your personal executive for subscription. For non-SUPREME customers, you can apply online via XtraMall.
You will receive an activation code via email or SMS.
Activate the service and fill in your personal information at here.

Bowtie - The First Virtual Insurance Company

Bowtie is the first authorized virtual insurance company that the Insurance Authority approved. Through innovative technology and partnered medical networks, Bowtie strives to provide Hong Kong citizens with access to quality medical services at much lower costs. In reality, true medical protection is never out of reach.

Terms and Conditions
BowtieGo is a health and wellness membership program managed by Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited and the outpatient benefit (including the Telemedicine service) under the membership program is not an insurance plan. SUPREME is a distributor of BowtieGo.
The Telemedicine Service is subject to the terms and conditions of MyDoc. In case of any disputes regarding the service, the decision of MyDoc shall be final and binding.
Telemedicine Service is provided by MyDoc. SUPREME and Bowtie will not be liable for any liability arising from these services or other services provided by MyDoc and its underlying service quality. Please email to MyDoc: for any enquiries about the Telemedicine Service.
Telemedicine Service is only for mild and non-urgent medical conditions. The use of video technology to deliver healthcare and educational services is a new technology and may not be equivalent to direct patient to physician contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit to purchasing this membership?
Anyone who is within the age range of 8-80 is eligible to apply. For any patient under the age of 18, the patient shall be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian during the consultation. The parent or guardian shall also provide personal information for registration purpose. Patient under the age of 18 needs to use the parent or guardian's membership account for consultation.
Is there any age limit for using VDoctor+'s general practitioner telemedicine consultation?
Minimum recommended age is 8 years old. For any patient under the age of 18, the patient shall be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian during the consultation. The parent or guardian shall also provide personal information for registration purpose.
Is this an insurance product?

How to use

How can I activate BowtieGo VDoctor+?
You will receive an SMS or email from SUPREME which will provide the activation code. You may visit and click the "Activate Now" button. Enter the activation code and personal information in order to activate BowtieGo VDoctor+. Bowtie will then send you a VDoctor+ code via email for appointment use.
How do I get the medicine if the doctor prescribes medicine?
After the Telemedicine consultation is over, MyDoc will contact you to arrange a drug delivery service. There is no extra charge for the delivery service.
When will my medication be delivered?
Delivery service hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am to 11:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm (except public holidays and black rainstorm warning or typhoon warning signal No. 8 or higher or extreme conditions are in effect).

Please note that delivery service is not available to outlying islands (e.g. Lantau Island, Lamma Island, Cheung Chau, Ma Wan and Park Island; with the exception of Tung Chung) and frontier closed areas where a permit from relevant government departments may be required for entry (e.g. Sha Tau Kok, Ta Kwu Ling and Lok Ma Chau).
Can I appoint a 3rd party to get the medicine on my behalf?
A patient can appoint a 3rd party to receive the medicine on his/her behalf after the telemedicine consultation. The assigned 3rd party must show to the courier the delivery code.
How will I receive instructions on my prescribed medicine?
Instructions on how to take any prescribed medications will be stated on the packaging of the medications.
How can I get an official receipt or sick leave certificate for the consultation?
Receipt will be provided after consultation either by delivery or mail, sick leave certificate (if applicable) will be provided in electronic format.


Is the Telemedicine consultation reliable?
With the development of technology, Telemedicine consultation has gradually become popular and mature in foreign countries, allowing patients to reduce the burden of travel. In Hong Kong, public and private organizations have also launched related services in recent years.

MyDoc provides professionally educated and qualified registered doctors to offer consultation service, so that you can get appropriate advice and treatment at home. The information you provide during the process is only used for Telemedicine consultation and is strictly confidential.
Is Telemedicine consultation suitable for me?
Telemedicine consultation is only suitable for patients with mild symptoms and non-emergency situations. If your condition is more complicated or serious and requires detailed evaluation and diagnosis, please call 999 immediately or go to the Accident and Emergency Department for treatment.
Is there any expiration to the membership?
You may enquiry SUPREME about your membership. The Service will continue to be provided at $69 per month upon expiry of the 24-month contract period unless the customer terminates the Service or otherwise specified, and the service content remains unchanged.