New 'Flexi Entertainment Pack' Service. Switch monthly flexibly Infinity data for entertainment

Monthly Plan

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Monthly Plan

Flexi Entertainment Pack service - Multiple Services with Music, Movies, TV Show & Games

Multi-entertainment - KKBOX / hmvod
  • Top 2 hit entertainment combo with music, movies and TV dramas
Infinity Data for entertainment
  • ^Infinity Data in KKBOX/ hmvod, feel free to listen music, watch movies and TV show
Switch monthly flexibly
  • *Switches among designated services can be done by contacting Personal Executive
    -Customer can switch service before statement cutoff date per month.
    -Change will be effective after next statement cutoff date.
Convertible to Direct Carrier Billing spending amount
  • Experience further entertainment at Google Play or App Store with Direct Carrier Billing payment feature
    - Customer should activate Direct Carrier Billing to pay for the purchase on Google Play, App Store, Apple and iCloud.
Infinity Data for Flexi Entertainment Pack^
Monthly Fee
Contact Us
Contact Us
Monthly Fee $69
Choose 1 out of 2 services#
Free switch once per month*@


Or   you can offset the purchase from App Store and Google Play via Direct Carrier Billing with monthly service fee of $69
Activate Direct Carrier Billing:
#The price difference between Flexi Entertainment Pack and the designated value-added service (Free-to-go monthly plan at KKBOX $49/ hmvod $49) under this service can be fully offset for any purchase paid via Direct Carrier Billing.
@If customer selects Direct Carrier Billing as the first service for Flexi Entertainment Pack, it is available to switch service once to KKBOX/hmvod within 30 days of Flexi Entertainment Pack start date and the service will be activated within 2-4 hours. The services can be switched at a monthly basis afterwards.
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