Call Block
Now you can personalize to block unknown calls or pre-defined Black List numbers, to protect your privacy when you are going abroad or in Hong Kong, the "Call Block" service can help you a saving from unwanted roaming expenses. Features include:

Black List
  • You can define up to 100 Black List numbers, these numbers will be blocked under any occasion.
    If a call from Black List is blocked, the caller will hear, 'the called party cannot be reached at the moment, please call later.'
Authorized List
  • You can define up to 20 Authorized List numbers, these numbers can be connected when the caller numbers are hidden.
    Remarks: Callers cannot reach you if their numbers appear in both Black List and Authorized List.
Block Unknown Calls
  • You can choose to block all calls without caller numbers. If any exceptional numbers should be connected when the caller numbers are hidden, you can add to "Authorized List".
    If an unknown call is blocked, the caller will hear, 'Sorry! The number you are calling does not accept anonymous calls, please skip 133 or dial 1357 before to display your contact number.'
CallBlock Alert
  • When the alert is on, you will receive an SMS alert when a Black List number attempts to reach you.
    Charge: one will be deducted per SMS alert
Call Block Summary
  • You can check the screening record in the past 14 days in "Call Block Summary".
Remarks:This service is not applicable to prepaid card customers and video calls.

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