SUPREME free power bank rental service SUPREME free power bank rental service

SUPREME free power bank rental service*

Even if your phone is fully charged before you go out, the battery may not be sufficient to handle an extremely productive schedule. SUPREME offers customers with a free rental power bank service to help you avoid the hassle of a dead phone and enjoy your activities worry-free with a fully charged battery!

*SUPREME customers can enjoy designated number of e-vouchers each month that allow you to borrow mobile chargers from any SUPREME Shop, with a free rental period of up to two days, allowing you to stay connected at all times.

  • Diamond customers – Enjoy 5 e-vouchers for free power bank rental service per month
  • Gold customers – Enjoy 3 e-vouchers for free power bank rental service per month
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Rental process

Scan the QR code at the rental station in SUPREME Shop via the E-PowerSpot app
After paying the deposit*, the power bank will pop out automatically
Return the power bank to SUPREME Shop or nearby rental station
*The $99 deposit will be held by a third-party platform. You can apply for a refund at any time through the E-PowerSpot app after returning the power bank.

Return process

Search for a rental station with empty slot nearby using the E-PowerSpot app
Insert the power bank into the empty slot at the rental station
SUPREME customers can skip this step with e-voucher

Tutorial videos

Rent a power bank
Use the e-voucher
Return a power bank
Refund for deposit refund


How can SUPREME customers obtain free e-vouchers for free power bank rental services?
What is the battery capacity of the power bank, and what devices can it charge?
What should I do if the rented power bank cannot charge my device?
How much is the rental fee if the rental time exceeds the free rental period (48 hours)?
Can the deposit be refunded?

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